Our Story

Quills & Spills is an inspiring jewelry brand, proudly headquartered in Chennai, India. Our curated collection showcases exquisite pieces from various regions, reflecting the rich diversity of Indian craftsmanship and heritage. We stand out with our deep understanding of jewelry, combining experimentation with tradition. Quills & Spills remains true to our founder, Kavitha's, ideologies and style. With a profound appreciation for South Indian culture, Kavitha caters to discerning buyers who love arts, culture, and distinct aesthetics. We celebrate traditional jewelry's timeless allure while embracing contemporary trends, offering a unique shopping experience for our diverse clientele.

Meet Kavitha,The Founder

Meet Kavitha Govind, the face behind Quills & Spills. A Chartered Accountant by profession and a fashion curator by passion, Kavitha brings a unique blend of expertise and creativity to her role. Her artistry, passion, and charm infuse everything she creates, leaving a lasting impression on all those she interacts with. As the founder of Quills & Spills, Kavitha's journey is one of inspiration, driven by her relentless pursuit of excellence and her deep connection to the world of fashion and jewelry.

Our Products

At Quills & Spills, we specialize in crafting exquisite jewelry pieces that blend timeless elegance with modern sophistication. Our product range includes German Silver Jewelry, Statement Earrings, and Traditional Temple Jewelry, each meticulously handcrafted by rural artisans across India. Recently, we've expanded our offerings to include Kundan, American Diamond, and Pure Silver jewelry, adding diversity to our collection. With a commitment to quality and authenticity, we also offer customization services, allowing customers to discuss designs and specifications to create bespoke pieces. Our jewelry celebrates India's rich cultural heritage while offering contemporary designs that resonate with modern sensibilities. Discover the beauty of handcrafted jewelry at Quills & Spills, where every piece tells a story of heritage and craftsmanship.

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